Friday, January 13, 2012

Classroom Overhaul

For my classroom set-up this year, I read through the book, "Spaces and Places" by Debbie Diller. Per her advice, I first sat down and surveyed my room and made a list of the areas I wanted to be sure to include.
  • Large-group teaching area (carpet)
  • Small-group teaching area
  • Classroom library/book nook
  • Teachers desk area (for computer)
Then, I looked at what furniture I had to work with. My classroom isn't big, but it is a nicely-shaped rectangle giving me four corners and a wall of windows. I drew out a layout I was pleased with and moved everything.

But on Thursday they delivered the SMARTboard, and it threw everything off. So, I had to do a complete classroom overhaul (which I was not so happy about in the moment).

With the help of my assistant teacher, we moved the desk, small-group area, the heavy supply cabinet, the rug, etc. We pulled things back off the walls and reglued them in new places.

And the result?

I like it even better now.

(Pictures coming soon!)

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