Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Moving Picture Books

I stumbled upon a great resource last week when I was looking for a video version of the book, "Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?"

I present you to Moving Picture Books.*

So far I have downloaded two books from their site, and I was pleased both times. The books are colorful, and the voice reading is nice-paced and clear (which is so important for my immersion students). I also like how the books are available with read-along text so that my students can practice reading along. Some of the books are available in Spanish too.

My students have watched the cookie jar one several times and they always say, "Otra vez!"

Has anyone else used Moving Picture Books?

*I was not endorsed nor am receiving anything for sharing this - I just want to share a resource with you!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Busy Week

What a week!

I ended up missing the first day of school since I was up sick at night. What a terrible day to miss! I think it really threw my students for a loop. Luckily I recovered quickly and made it back on Tuesday. I feel like I am playing catch up all week though. There is just so much to do each day. My room always looks like a tornado went through it by the end of the day. Is that normal?

I snapped a few pictures yesterday, but I will try to upload more soon.

Our door design - the other door says "Whooos in our class?"

This is the classroom library. I am hoping a parent will donate a rug.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Classroom Overhaul

For my classroom set-up this year, I read through the book, "Spaces and Places" by Debbie Diller. Per her advice, I first sat down and surveyed my room and made a list of the areas I wanted to be sure to include.
  • Large-group teaching area (carpet)
  • Small-group teaching area
  • Classroom library/book nook
  • Teachers desk area (for computer)
Then, I looked at what furniture I had to work with. My classroom isn't big, but it is a nicely-shaped rectangle giving me four corners and a wall of windows. I drew out a layout I was pleased with and moved everything.

But on Thursday they delivered the SMARTboard, and it threw everything off. So, I had to do a complete classroom overhaul (which I was not so happy about in the moment).

With the help of my assistant teacher, we moved the desk, small-group area, the heavy supply cabinet, the rug, etc. We pulled things back off the walls and reglued them in new places.

And the result?

I like it even better now.

(Pictures coming soon!)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Classroom Pictures Postponed

I was planning to take pictures of my classroom today, and I finally remembered the camera, only to find out that the camera has no batteries. Shame. I will try and remember to bring both the camera and batteries tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

School's Back in Session

Today was my first day back to school. Our school runs on the Guatemalan school year, which is January to October. I was so busy with meetings and teacher training that I didn't even step foot into my classroom though! I am hoping to go in tomorrow and get a fresh look at the place before I start setting up and decorating. I have also been reading and writing down my teaching goals for this year. Here are a few: 1. Be more intentional about differentiated instruction. 2. Begin using literacy and math work stations. 3. Use guided discovery to introduce new materials. I have a few cute projects to share and classroom pictures once it all takes shape (which better be soon because I only have 8 days!)